As we run across videos of LED Displays being run by our software and services, we'll post them here!


Randallstown High School

Here is an interview with representatives of Randallstown High School regarding their Academy of Finance Classroom featuring LED Displays from Sunrise Systems and software and content from C-Scape.  Skip about 40 seconds into the Video to get to the relevent section.


EA Sports Bar aboard Carnival Liberty

If you watch the whole video, you will see short clips of our iCandy Sports Service running on a Sunrise Systems RGB LED Ticker.  Three minutes into the video, it's all about the ticker!


Bally's Marquee / Las Vegas

We found this video of the Marquee in front on Bally's on the Las Vegas Strip.  The scrolling ticker at the bottom of the video is being run by our iCandy Sports Service.  The ticker itself is a monochrome YESCO display.  Don't worry about the "banding" you see on the ticker... It is just a side effect of taking a video of a video display and you don't see that with the naked eye!


Bombay Stock Exchange / India

Here is a video someone took outside the Bombay Stock Exchange in India.  The ticker is a monochrome Trans-Lux Captivision and is being run by our JetStream LED Ticker Driver application.  For this application we developed two custom data interfaces -- one for their FTP datafeed and another for a proprietary streaming financial market datafeed.